Jeremy Corbyn accused of being ‘paid informant of Communist spies’


Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of being a paid informant who would pass information on to the Czech secret police. Ex-secret agent Jan Sarkocy claimed the leader was rated ‘number one’ by Moscow during the height of the cold war.


But Mr Corbyn has denied these claims with a Labour party spokesperson saying the ‘false’ claims have ‘no credibility whatsoever’. Mr Sarkocy, a former Czech spy who is also known as Jan Dymic, alleged that Mr Corbyn was code named ‘Agent Cob’ and was ‘recruited by Moscow’. He said Mr Corbyn was paid by Communist spies, known as the STB, to report on Britain and said they had met in the 1980s, according to the Mail Online.


Jeremy Corbyn accused of being 'paid informant of Communist spies'

But a Labour Party spokesperson told ‘As Svetlana Ptacnikova, Director of the Czech Security Forces Archive, has made clear, Jeremy was neither an agent, asset, informer nor collaborator with Czechoslovak intelligence. ‘These claims are a ridiculous smear and entirely false.


‘The former Czechoslovak agent Jan Sarkocy’s account of his meeting with Jeremy was false 30 years ago, is false now and has no credibility whatsoever. ‘His story has more plot holes in it than a bad James Bond movie.’ Mr Corbyn was a backbench MP when the allegations were said to have happened.


Jeremy Corbyn accused of being 'paid informant of Communist spies'

Mr Sarkocy said: ‘Corbyn was recruited. He also received money,’ and said his recruitment took place ‘under the protection of Russia’. He added: ‘All the information we received not only from him but also from one supporting source to be verifiable was rated in Moscow as the number one.

‘What we could not do was to do the Russians.’ Earlier this week it emerged that Mr Corbyn had met Czech agents three times in 1986 and 1987, with two meetings taking place in the House of Commons when Mr Sarkocy was under the guise of being a diplomat. A spokesperson said the leader had met a diplomat but had never knowingly had any contact with a spy.




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