What time to see the super blue moon in the UK tonight and why isn’t it a blood moon?

epa06486355 A plane flies backdropped by the moon in London, Britain, 30 January 2018. On 31 January 2018, a Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon coincide to create a rare lunar event that hasn't been seen in more than 150 years. This lunar event, called a 'Super Blue Blood Moon' features the second full moon of the month, also known as a Blue Moon, as well as a total lunar eclipse, which is often referred to as a 'blood moon' because the moon turns a reddish color when it passes through Earth's shadow. EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

The moon will be worth looking at tonight (Picture: EPA)


It might not quite be the lunar spectacular that the US will see, but the UK will be treated to a super blue moon tonight.

Over in America, as well as parts of Australia, New Zealand, Russia and the Middle East, they will be able to see a super blue blood moon, but we will miss out on the blood part.

A blue moon is the second full moon in one calendar, a super moon is when the moon’s rotation around the Earth brings it closer to our planet making it appear 14% larger, and a blood moon happens when a lunar eclipse has the moon entirely hidden from the sun by the earth’s shadow. Due to our position on the planet, we will not see the eclipse, but we will see the blue and super elements of the rare event.

What time to see the super blue moon in the UK tonight and why isn't it a blood moon?

What time is best to see the super blue moon?

Dr Gregory Brown, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said the moon will rise at about 5pm on January 31 and will remain in the sky until 8am the following morning. He said: ‘It will be high in the sky from about 7pm and will be at its highest, and thus best, at around 12.40am.’

What time to see the super blue moon in the UK tonight and why isn't it a blood moon?

There are showers forecast this evening, but this should not rule out your ability to see the moon in all its glory at some stage. Forecaster Alex Burkhill said: ‘I couldn’t rule out a nice viewing for pretty much everyone. ‘I think at some point in the night most places have a chance to see it for a time at least. In between the showers there will be clear skies.’




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